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A posh mattress for posh people. If you're not posh, do you really think you should be looking at this mattress? The only thing not posh about this mattress is the price. Let's be real here, 2000 individual pocket springs, coated in luxury memory foam, stitched within a cashmere wool coat and finished with an eye-catching black chenille border. I ain’t posh duck, but this mattress looks like the best part of a grand to me!!!

Credit Crunch Carpets Nottingham - 2000 Pocket Spring Memory Foam Double Mattress - Carpet Fitters Nottingham
  • 2000 Pocket Spring Unit
  • Nottinghams best and cheapest carpet fitters around. Nobody does it better - apart from James Bond and I'm pretty sure he doesn't fit carpets?
  • Memory Foam
  • Hand Tufted
  • Dual Season
The best value in Nottingham
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